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Research has shown that 50 percent of search engine users don’t view more than one page of search engine results! And, only about 20 percent of searchers bother to look at page two of the results. Finally, less than ten percent move on to the third page of search results! What does this mean to you?  If you intend to do a large portion of your new business through search engine-referred leads, you must be listed on the first page.(footnote)

If searchers can’t find your website in the top ten results, featuring the search terms relevant to your business, services and products, your website won’t produce! No matter how attractive your web pages may be, your perfectly written copy won’t matter either; few will ever see it!

Truth of the matter is that many searchers don’t look past the top three results, and some only look at one search result!

Many new to the internet mistakenly assume that once their beautifully designed website is posted they can sit back and watch their internet traffic and internet sales explode. Only after months of waiting without results, do they realize that they are missing a big piece of the internet puzzle: Search Engine Optimization!

Simply put, if your website is not properly optimized, it will not generate the traffic needed to succeed!

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