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Website Maintenance & Updates By Lancaster, PA Webmasters

Websites, like most everything else, need periodic maintenance. Website maintenance will keep your website looking professional and keeping your website well maintained and up to date is good for business. Professional website maintenance & updates keep clients abreast of your news, new offerings and specials.

ecommerce website designsDid you know that Google, Bing and Yahoo! thrive on fresh content? That they rank newer content above older content? Periodic website maintenance and updates will help your site rank higher in the search engines.

“A website is an investment; professional website maintenance helps your investment grow.”

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Why Professional Web Maintenance

Your website is YOUR reflection on the web! It presents you, your company, products and services to potential customers. You’ve encountered websites in your internet travels that just don’t look right. Maybe an image is too large. Or too small. A font is the wrong size or doesn’t match the rest of the page. Links are the wrong color and don’t match others on the same page… Looks Cheap! Probably effects your decision making process. Do you really want to do business with a company that had substandard maintenance performed on its website? What else may be sub par about the business?

Website design, search engine optimization, website maintenance & updates is all we do. It’s our profession. We like to say, if you do what you do best and allow us to do what we do best, we’ll all grow richer.

Some websites need monthly or even weekly updates. Others may only require an annual maintenance intervention. Whether your website needs continuous maintenance or just the occasional tune up, you’ll find our maintenance services to be best in class and affordable.

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Website Maintenance Programs

Website maintenance varies from client to client. The fact is most websites are only modified once or twice annually which makes it very difficult to justify the expense and learning time of being your own webmaster. For websites that require more constant attention for example restaurants that offer daily and weekly specials we offer discounted routine maintenance and updating packages FROM ONLY $30/MONTH. All the client needs to do is send us emails detailing what they want changed and then relax, because we take care of the rest.

We offer website maintenance on a case by case, as needed basis. Clients with more regular maintenance needs can save with a monthly scheduled maintenance program, offered at a fixed price, based on the estimated monthly labor. Either way, we’re ready to perform website maintenance to keep your site updated and functional.

We love maintaining our customers’ websites! Many website companies will sell you a content management system and tell you that you can maintain the website yourself. Only after you pay a substantial up charge for their “Proprietary CMS” and have spent days if not weeks trying to make your website updates look the way you want or function the way you need, you realize that perhaps your website was best left to professionals. We always say “do what you do best we’ll take of your website and we’ll both be more profitable”.

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I have a Content Management System, do I still need website maintenance?

There are some clients who really can justify the cost on an Open Source CMS. These clients may be publishing fresh content on such a regular basis that they are able to financially justify having someone on staff capable of taking care of daily website updating and maintenance functions. However, even these clients will need some outside periodic help maintaining their website when any situation goes beyond the scope of what there in house webmaster can handle. Notice I said Open Source CMS above, not Proprietary CMS, it’s important you know the difference or you may find your website cost allot more than your initial website design bill. Call us to learn more 1-717-569-2484.

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We frequently receive requests for help; the call often starts with something like:
– I can’t get in contact with my webmaster, he won’t return my calls.
– Our website is 3 years old and we haven’t been able to reach our designer since the site was new.
– Our webmaster isn’t able to do what we want.

And on and on.

Contact us to discuss your website maintenance needs. Whether you’re in Lancaster, PA or Lancaster, CA… we’ve got your web maintenance needs covered!