There are many reasons you may be considering the redesign of your website. Early websites where designed to work within the limitations of the web browsers, dial up internet connections and PC’s of the day. Many were designed to work on small PC screens and appear very narrow on today’s larger monitors. Back then the idea of smart phones and mobile website browsers were ideas for the future.

Early web designers didn’t create websites that were particularly user friendly. Most designed websites without regard for the search engines and where your site would rank for searches important to your business..

Unfortunately many web designers still produce outdated web designs! Consider each of these questions:

  1. Does your website frequently bring you new business?
  2. Is your website search engine friendly?
  3. Does your website rank highly for the search terms important to your online business success?
  4. Does it appeal to your sense of style? That of your prospective clients?
  5. Is it user friendly and easy to navigate for first time visitors?
  6. Is your current web designer responsive to requests to update your site?
  7. Do your web pages load quickly?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, your website may be due for a redesign. Website redesigns can be completed quickly and we can recycle any existing content you want to retain.

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Your website redesign will present you in the professional manner you desire! Our redesigned websites are 100% user friendly and 100% search engine friendly!

Website Redesign Examples

website-rebuild We’ve redesigned websites for many clients, in diverse markets. Whether it’s just adjusting colors and content or completely replacing the entire website, our team produces websites that professionally represent you, your products, services and build your brand.

Click the links below to learn details of few of our website redesign projects.

Before/After Redesign

Boiler rental, repair and sales website redesign

HVAC website redesign

Team uniform sales website redesign

Law firm website redesign

Ecommerce website redesign

Dentist website redesign

Drag Racing website redesign

Restaurant website redesign

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