Posted on 13th August 2013 by in Social Media Marketing, What's New in the Online World

Where once links stood as the lone vote of confidence as to whether a website was of quality and merited high rankings, today that stage is shared with social shares, local citations, revues et al. Small business owners work to have their clients far and wide write glowing reviews around the vast assortment of internet sites accepting reviews, in the hope of bringing more bodies through their doors. More dollars into their coffers. As quickly as a glowing review may drive business in your direction a bad review can stop it cold. How can we trust that the reviews are real and honest and not some effort by our competitors to grab market share? Here is an interesting read on the subject from Web Pro News.

The question many are asking will Yelp and other review channels be relevant once Google is done rolling out their feature filled platform right in their search results? Done a search for “tacos in Lancaster PA” lately? ¾ of the above scroll results are all Google. Try “NY Hotel”. 100% Google above the fold. Will we not need to visit any websites in the future to get our information? Will Google’s knowledge graph supply all of the relevant facts to answer our questions right on the search results page, without the need to click through and visit the source website?

Share your thoughts on this matter, how do you see this impacting your businesses in the future?

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