Posted on 7th February 2014 by in Computers, PADS, Smart Phones..., Website Design, What's New in the Online World

If you have a car you’ve probably made the experience of taking your car for service and finding out that it needs a new muffler bearing, fan blade or some other repair you had not anticipated, were not familiar with and had no idea what caused the failure. Well your website is  no different., maybe even worse. You see the technology that creates the internet is changing at a fever pitch in the few years it has existed and with the advent of the Iphone back in 2009, came the need for Apple bearings. What is an Apple bearing you ask? An Apple bearing facilitates an easy smooth user experience for your website visitors when they arrive using one of the many mobile device used to access the internet today.

Did you know that 49% of Facebook visitors access their accounts from mobile devices? That 29% of all internet traffic is generated from  mobile devices. How many of your website visitors arrive using a mobile device? If your website is more then 2 years old it no doubt was not fitted with Apple bearings when built. This because it was not the method of choice for building websites at that time. It may have a mobile component but no Apple bearings!

OK, there really is no such thing as an Apple bearing. What makes today’s best websites operate smoothly across all platforms is responsive website design . Visit the page  and learn the details. Virtually every site we built in 2013 was responsive to mobile devices and it really makes a difference in how well your website works for your visitors and more importantly how it works for you converting mobile visitors into real live customers.

Speak with your webmaster today about upgrading your website to be  responsive to mobile devices or give us a call at 717-569-2484 to learn more.

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