It’s Time To Go Mobile!

mobile web design iconIn 2019 reports show that over 60% of all website visits originate from cell phones and mobile devices. If your current website does not work well on mobile devices you are losing business, it’s that simple. Updating to a mobile responsive website is not that expensive, contact us today to discuss converting your website now.

Here at 1 Sky Media we’re well experienced to provide either a stand-alone mobile design or an integrated responsive website design that automatically configures itself for best display and visitor usage across all devices from PC, Notebook, PAD, and Smart Phones.

Way back in December 2011 Google had already stated:

  • 44% of all last minute shopping searches would come from mobile devices during the 2011 holiday season.
  • 4 billion mobile devices are in service compared with 1 billion PCs.
  • 79% of smart-phone consumers use their phones to help with shopping.
  • 70% use their smartphones while in a store.
  • 77% have contacted a business via mobile, with 61% calling and 59% visiting.

June 2012 update: Google reports that more than 400 million Android devices have been activated to date and that 12 new devices are activated every second of every day. 1 million new devices are being activated daily according to Android product manager Hugo Barra.

All of this confirms that the mobile web has arrived, is growing stronger daily and is here to stay. It’s time to go mobile with your internet marketing!

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If you’re still not convinced smart phones and the mobile web are over taking the desktop web read this article about the current reach and projected growth of mobile smart phones on Business Insider.

mobile web design icon The cost of a mobile website is considerably less than a full sized site in part because the style can be largely based of the design of your full sized site. The smaller size of smart phone screens means the content for you mobile website design will need to be condensed to make your point in as few words as possible. A primary objective of your mobile design (like your full sized site) should be conversion of website visitors into leads, mobile websites are particularly suited for this considering their housed inside the web browsers of telephones! We’ll build your mobile website using all of the best ways to contact you, by phone, by email and by voice messaging.

Mobile website design offers a few challenges. Assorted screen resolutions, different mobile operating systems, just to name a few. Because full sized websites may display on a smart phones screen, some mistakenly assume they won’t need a mobile website. But a smart phone screen won’t display the larger sized images and paragraphs of text typical of full sized websites in a user friendly manner. What about those tiny (on Smart Phone Screens) navigation buttons? Tiny click-able links? It’s really time to go mobile with your website! Contact us to discuss taking you internet marketing efforts mobile today!

Contact us to and find out if your business can benefit from a mobile website design.

Are You Ready For Mobile Web Browsers?

QR Code Quick ResponseHave you noticed people in public places holding smart phones glued to there eyes and not their ears? Since Apple launched the IPhone in 2008 and Google launched its Android mobile operating system in early 2010, Smart Phones have gained traction. Simply put a Smart Phone is a cellular phone with mobile web browsing capabilities.

Combined with the widespread use of QR (Quick Response) codes in local bricks and mortar signage. Smart phones can read QR codes when the owner points the camera at them. The Smart phone then transports the user to the related information. The information coded in a QR code tells the smart phone what to do. Display a mobile website, display a text message, phone numbers and SMS can all be coded into QR codes.

So what does this all mean for you and your bottom line? If you advertise in public forums you can include a QR code in your ads. QR codes, which facilitate smart phone users access to more information about you, your company and services. Maybe a special offer! Even on the signage in front of you business.

Realtors have been early adopters of QR codes. Published on yard signs, the QR code can take drive by home shoppers directly to more information about the home, agent and brokerage.