It’s simply not enough just to throw a website online and expect sales to come pouring in. Today in virtually all markets, your competitors will also have websites; the leaders will have professionally built internet sales machines. Machines designed to capture visitors’ attention and entice them to convert to sales leads by calling or otherwise contacting them through the many avenues presented on the website proper.

We interview you to get an intimate idea about your vision of your online presence and the image you want to be presented by your website, including issues of transparency with any other active marketing initiatives.

We learn who your competitors are and research the strengths and weaknesses of their internet marketing efforts. Using this background information, we begin the design process intending to make your website the leader in your market. We are unique in the area of in-depth competitor analysis having 18 years of in-house experience.

Next, we develop prototype artwork and present it for your review and feedback. We refine the artwork until you’re satisfied with the design. With a final approved design in hand, we begin to build your website’s pages, paying attention to every detail that will positively impact the visitor usability and search engine friendliness of your new website.

Search Engine Optimization LaunchFor our Search Engine Optimization clients, the job has only just begun. We discuss the phrases you believe to be important to rank your site highly in the search engines’ results pages. Using your suggestions as a starting point, we perform keyword research and identify all other keyword variations that have the potential to bring you increased website traffic and new business.

Next, we research your online target market and benchmark the highest ranking sites for the defined set of keywords.  With this research accomplished, we know the road ahead, including what it will take to arrive at our destination, near the top of the search engine results pages.

Your website is then optimized to target the phrases identified in our keyword research. As needed, additional content is identified and presented to be produced either by you or one of our professional copywriters.