Social Media  – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, can they help grow your business?

Are you Linked In to “FaceBook” and “Twitter“?

Social media marketingUnless you live under a rock with no television, radio or internet service you’ve heard the loud buzz surrounding the internet wave called social media. Even Jay Leno has made jokes about tweeting on his nightly TV program.

Social media outlets like FaceBook are portals where with a simple free account you can find and keep up with whatever your circle of friends, business associates, CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS chooses to share. No need to visit the gym, Starbucks or attend the next networking meet up to catch up on the latest gossip and news, just sign in and you can get up to date with everyone in your circle, instantly.

Twitter with its abbreviated message format and cutely named messages, “tweets”, is a free social media networking and micro-blogging service enabling users to send and receive other members tweets. Twitter limits users message length  to a maximum of 140 characters, when a twitter member sends out a tweet it is automatically sent to anyone who has signed up as one of their followers.

These are just the latest entries in the social media market. Social media has been around for years in formats such as web forums, bulletin boards, blogs, email lists and more.

But what does all of this mean for you and your business? Should you tweet? Do you need a FaceBook account  to stay in touch and grow your business? Beyond the buzz, these new platforms can really add to the bottom line of your business if properly used. Contact us today and learn how social media can help grow your business.