Prepaid monthly service can be used for any updating/editing/setting up of your website, it cannot be used for programming services.

Don’t need many updates but want to keep your website secure and up-tp-date? Purchase our WordPress Monthly Management Program.

Prepaid Website Maintenance Service Plans of 3 or more hours each month includes our $44.95/month WordPress Management Program at no additional charge.

Frequently asked questions

Simply fill out this short form describing your service need and we’ll take care of it. It’s that simple.

Most updates are completed within 24 hours – many within the same day submitted.

If you have in house IT staff with website maintenance experience they can certainly do your website maintenance themselves. It’s your website and you can do with it as you please. However many website maintenance matters are not so simple that someone with no experience will be able to sort them out. Almost anyone who is comfortable sending emails will find making blog posts simple. Shopping cart editing, however may be another matter entirely for the inexperienced.

Your website needs updates to its operating software just like the software you use on your computer and phone. The makers of the software upon which your website has been built will periodically release new versions that include newly developed features, bug fixes and often security patches needed to prevent your website from being hacked and compromised. While you may not be interested in the new features if you don’t upgrade whenever there is a security patch hackers will find the security vulnerabilities in your site and compromise it for their own use. If your website is compromised it can require between a few hours up to a complete rebuild to restore your site depending on how much damage has been done.

Perhaps You Think No One is Interested in Hacking my Website! With today’s internet all websites are attacked virtually every day. ALL!  No matter the nature or content. Some may draw more attention than others, however it’s a simple fact that no website evades the automated hacking attempts by the malicious bots that crawl the internet 24/7 looking to compromise and violate any website possible for their own uses.