South Mountain Raceway Website Design

Project Description

While discussing this project, we proposed building the best drag strip website design in the country. We succeeded in that goal.

The finished website reveals the property’s beauty and presents the details that racers and fans need to attend events front and center at the top of the home page.

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  1. Our custom-built drag racing event calendar facilitates the display of all times and classes for each day of the event. Load the schedule of events calendar with as many forward-looking dates as desired.  The next three events are automatically displayed at the top of the home page as a teaser, with each one automatically removed as the date passes and rendering the next one in its place. Further down the page is a place to display featured events that are selected with the check of a box placing important upcoming events on the home page no matter their date.
  2. Sponsor logos are displayed once a visitor scrolls down on the home page and are locked at the bottom of the screen, always visible; this is a great selling point to new sponsors providing higher visibility to their logos. When visitors navigate to any inside page, the track sponsor logos are always on-screen—on desktop machines, phones, and PADs. Track sponsors can be set to one of two groups. Premier level sponsors are always shown at the beginning of the scroll. In contrast, others are randomly selected and displayed in a different order on every page, offering equal exposure to all.
  3. A Featured Racer section with a custom-built form that facilitates racers submitting the details of their own story, relieving the burden from a track employee or webmaster to gather the information needed to post a new racer each month or at whatever frequency desired.  A simple announcement at the track will have the stories flowing in.

How does your drag strip website serve your racing fans and racers? Contact us, and let’s discuss having one of the best drag strip websites built for your track.

Project Details

  • DateSept 2021
  • Client South Mountain Raceway
  • TechnologyWordpress
  • Live Websitewww.southmountainraceway.comVisit Website