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Project Description

Rhoads Energy has been a long term client here at 1 Sky Media. We’ve done everything from SEO to full website design, mobile website design, automated form design, and landing page design. Rhoads Energy is a progressive client, always trying new marketing channels and seeking our advice on best-case solutions for their internet marketing needs.

Project Details

  • DateJune 2012
  • ClientRhoads Energy
  • TechnologyWordPress

Partner Review

Sheri Lesher – Sales Coordinator

“I have been working with John Oppenheimer of 1 Sky Media since July 2007. Since then John has created some new websites for Rhoads Energy, changed some existing websites, and optimized them for search engines. John is so easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I have learned so much from our conversations, which help me envision the possibilities. All the work 1 Sky Media has done for us was done correctly in a timely manner. We plan to work with 1 Sky Media for many years to come.”

Rhoads Energy

"Since 2006 we've had a wonderful experience. The customer service that we receive on a regular basis is something that will keep us customers for a very long time."

Continued from above:

We've partnered with Rhoads Energy for 5 years and look forward to a long partnership into the future. Why not give us a call and find out how we can partner with your company on your next internet marketing effort?

In 2007, Rhoads Energy of Lancaster, PA was in search of local expertise in internet marketing, they found us, you guessed it on Google ranked highly for search engine optimization. Rhoads operates in a mid-sized market of approximately 500 thousand residents and has a number of local competitors. When they first contacted us their main concern centered around their existing site not being returned by search engines for relevant searches. The website had been constructed without consideration for the search engines and was not particularly search engine friendly. The site only turned up in Google's local results for their company name and did not show up at all in Google's organic search results.

Rhoads selected us to provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We worked to improve the websites' crawl ability by the search engine spiders and increase their relevance for their target market search phrases. Within a few months of completing the SEO, RhoadsEnergy.com was not only being returned for relevant phrases like heating oil supply, HVAC and Lancaster, PA, in Google's free, organic search results, but it was also ranking near the top.

In 2009, Rhoads Energy was planning to begin their marketing efforts for Natural Gas sales in the Lancaster County market. Their plan included selling gas, gas furnaces, installation, and annual service contracts through their website. They wanted a fresh new look to go along with their new services. The new venture also called for the development of an integrated, secure, online signup form for new natural gas clients. The online signup form would reduce the man-hours required collecting business and homeowner signup details by phone.

We coded their new design using XHTML with an off-page, CSS style sheet. This method of web page design facilitates consistent styles throughout the site. CSS style sheets also make future site-wide style changes quick and easy to make. Not to mention, moving the style coding into a file separated from the web pages themselves reduces the percentage of code to relevant content, which improves the web pages load speeds and search engine rankings.

We designed a fresh new home page to provide continuity with their print media collateral. This new design is not only attractive, but it has also reduced the bounce rate (percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing a page) from the mid 40 percent range down into the mid 20's!

Today, Rhoads continues to return to One Sky Media for their website maintenance needs. We frequently add content, specials, coupons and update all aspects of their website.