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Telephone support is available weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Website and hosting support is also available by email.

We can assist you with any website or hosting issue you may encounter., MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, and other third party email utility programs are supported by their manufacturers. We will make our best effort to assist you however in many cases you may need to refer directly to the software manufacturer. Issues with your LAN and INTERNET connection should be supported by your IT personnel and ISP.

1 Sky Media is available to perform all maintenance aspects for your website and hosting account, basic maintenance starts at only $75/month and includes two monthly updates to your web pages.

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Support Help Pages – Index

The links below contain helpful information you can use to monitor your hosting account, set up new email addresses, change passwords, set up forwarders, and autoresponders, and edit the pages of your website.

  1. Website Design & Setup Details
  2. Standard WordPress Image Sizes
  3. Accounts Needed For Your New Website
  4. Learn WordPress
  5. WooCommerce Setup & Product Loading How To
  6. DNS Settings
  7. Google Workspace Domain-Based Email Hosting
  8. Google MX Records Settings
  9. Google SMTP Settings
  10. My website is Down. I can’t log in to my email.
  11. Connecting Cell Phones to Your Email Acount
  12. Email Filtering with SpamAssassin
  13. Server Firewall
  14. Unable to Connect to Email, can’t view the website.
  15. Hosting – add email accounts, change passwords, set up autoresponders, set up forwarders, view storage, and monthly bandwidth usage.
  16. Setup for Microsoft Outlook – pickup your email with MS Outlook.
  17. Auto Setup for MS Outlook
  18. Common problems with outgoing mail and email clients such as MS Outlook.
  19. SPAM blocking for email – restrict email addresses, domain names, and IP addresses from sending email yo your account.
  20. Why don’t I receive emails I’m told have been sent? Why aren’t all of my emails being received?
  21. Connecting with FTP – connect to your website to upload files and edit existing pages.
  22. Editing with Adobe Contribute editing your web pages.
  23. Uploading Images, Pictures & PDFs – upload photos and images using the site admin interface.

If you find any errors in these explanations or have further questions please click the Contact US link below.

Website maintenance programs that provide regular updates to your web pages are available for a fixed monthly fee.

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