One of the most common comments we hear from clients is “who has time for social media?”

Social media marketing management puts your social media marketing efforts on autopilot. At 1 Sky Media, we know every client is different and each client’s social media needs are as different as their particular business, that’s why we customize our services to build a product that exactly meets your needs.

If you don’t have time for social media marketing we can automate it for you. We start by interviewing you about your products, your services, and your current and desired customer base. We work with marketing ideas you already have and present new creative solutions for your approval. We create your business Facebook page(s) and post your messages as frequently as agreed. We won’t just post noise to your Facebook account, your Facebook campaign will contain valuable, pertinent information that will interest and engage your Facebook audience!

Stop saying you don’t have time for Facebook call us to start you automated Facebook campaign today  (717) 569-2484.

Facebook has over 1 billion users as of October 4th according to the October 4th edition of USA Today. The United States and Indonesia rank first and second for the most Facebook users by country. More than 70% of FB users are from outside the USA. The average Facebook user has over 130 friends and clicks like 8 times each month.

Facebook users visit on average 40 times per month and spend more than 20 minutes on Facebook per visit. Facebook users are almost evenly split between men and women and across all age groups with slightly more in the 21-24 age groups only dropping off above age 55.