Content writing for online marketing,Rarely do we speak with a new website design or search engine optimization client where the topic of fresh content is not discussed.  The client will often mention that they’ve heard it’s important to have fresh, new content on their website on a regular basis in order to rank highly on Google.  Historically, fresh content has always been important.  It’s been high on the list of most search engine optimization companies as a priority when it comes to ranking their client sites near the top.

Since the release of Google’s Panda algorithm update in February 2011, fresh content is more important than ever.  The Panda update targeted websites with what Google called thin content, duplicate content and other content quality concerns.

Of all of the 200 plus factors that Google’s algorithm is said to be evaluating all websites for, fresh content is certainly among the top 10.

If you’re considering adding fresh content you website, you should consider the value that this new content brings to the overall scheme of your website.  The new content should be on subject and present or expand upon topics relevant to your business. Topics important to your clients. Keeping this in mind will expand your reach on Google and other search engines and in time will increase your daily traffic.

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