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search-engine-friendlyLooking to boost your online presence in Lancaster, PA? Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services are designed to put your business in the spotlight with focus in Lancaster.  Our SEO team has been improving our clients’ rankings since 2002. Here are our current offerings to improve your rankings and more importantly, drive more traffic to your website and business door. We meet with you and determine your needs and put together a combination of services that best meets your needs. Monthly services start as low as $195.

WordPress Monthly Management

We create and publish fresh content to your WordPress site at an agreed interval. Your website stays fresh. Your traffic, reach and rankings grow.

icon_emailEmail Newsletter Management

Email Marketing may seem old fashioned when compared with the new kids on the block, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ however it is the best channel to communicate with your clients and prospective clients. Learn why.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Lancaster County PA Search Engine OptimizationSimply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tuning of a website so search engines (including Google) display the site for the phrases important to your business.

Search engine optimization professionals classify SEO activities in two parts: “On Page” or “On Site” SEO includes anything done to the website itself; and “Off Page” SEO that includes anything done off the website that has an effect on the search engine rankings of the website. Off Page factors include link popularity, listings in web directories, age of domain, Domain Authority and much more.

Google uses an algorithm to rank the websites it returns when a visitor performs a search. Their algorithm evaluates more than 200 factors to determine how each site should rank for each search phrase. Search engine optimization is the sum of all actions made in order that a website matches these criteria resulting in higher website rankings and higher traffic to the website.

The 4 Parts of Search Engine optimization

Search engine optimization involves 4 primary SEO services.

The labor involved in providing search engine optimization services is directly impacted by the competition level for each specific target market.

“Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, SEO in markets without allot of competition is down right inexpensive and can be accomplished for a one time fee.”

Find out if your website can benefit from search engine optimization.

Your website is beautiful. It’s user friendly. But where are all of the online customers you’ve heard about? You check your websites traffic reports frequently, but are just left scratching your head. Where are all the visitors?

Most website designers don’t have a clue what’s involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sure they’ve got some write up on their site claiming to offer SEO services. May even be able give you a sales pitch if you call in with questions. But, don’t ask for client examples of top ranked websites in competitive markets. They don’t have them! Sure they have client sites they can show you that are number one for obscure, no traffic, search phrases. What about some client examples ranking at the top for search phrases that produce hundreds or thousands of visitors a month?

If you want more traffic to your website contact us to discuss Search Engine Optimization for your specific market.

Some unscrupulous SEO companies will try to sell you their one size fits all SEO programs, no matter the competition level in your specific market. Only $39.95/month. Only $99.95 month. Only $199.95 a month… In reality these SEO companies aren’t interested in your success. They know you won’t look for real results until after you’ve paid for 6-12 months. By then, they’ve already profited from what little service they may have actually provided. They’ll happily let you go and move on to their next unsuspecting victims.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Why Your Website Needs Top Rankings

Research has shown that 50 percent of search engine users don’t view more than one page of search engine results! And, only about 20 percent of searchers bother to look at page two of the results. Finally, less than ten percent move on to the third page of search results!

What this means is that if searchers can’t find your website in the top ten results, for the search terms relevant to your business, services and products – your website won’t produce! No matter how attractive your web pages may be. Your perfectly written copy won’t matter either, few will ever see it!

Truth of the matter is that many searchers don’t look past the top three results, and some only look at one search result!

Many new to the internet mistakenly assume that once their beautifully designed website is posted they can sit back and watch their internet traffic and internet sales explode. Only after months of waiting, without results, do they realize that they are missing a big piece of the internet puzzle. Search Engine Optimization!

We custom tailor our search engine optimization programs to meet your marketing needs! We focus on the search engine habits of prospective internet sourced clients.

Our optimization procedures build long term value right in to your web site. Value that you keep after our search engine optimization is done. All of the techniques we use are internal to your website, which means the added value stays with your website after our project is completed.

With 19 years of SEO experience, we have been ranking websites highly for geocentric “Lancaster, PA +” search phrases longer than most Lancaster web design firms have been in business! We’ve also worked on many campaigns without geographical modifiers for nationwide campaigns.

Simply put, if your website is not properly optimized, it will not generate the traffic needed to succeed!

Search Engine Optimization Packages