WordPress Monthly Management Service

WordPress web design iconWordPress is used worldwide and supports 42% of all sites on the Internet. This makes it a huge target for hackers. Hackers aren’t just interested in large sites of major corporations; they target all WordPress websites. Their objective is to compromise the WordPress code and then use it to inject Malware and Viruses into your website visitors’ computers. They also can compromise the code and use it to send out SPAM emails! You have hours and thousands, if not tens of thousands, invested in your website, and it’s an essential asset of your business.

Protect your website and investment with our Monthly WordPress maintenance and management program.

  1. Monitor and check for new versions of WordPress and each Plug-in used on your website on the first of each month.
  2. Keep your site updated to the latest release of WordPress each month. Most new releases include patches to close hacking vulnerabilities and are required to keep your site safe. Allowing your WordPress version to be out-of-date is an invitation for hackers to exploit your site.
  3. Keep all of the existing Plug-ins up to date each month. Most new releases include patches to close hacking vulnerabilities and are required to keep your site safe. Allowing your WordPress plug-ins to be out-of-date is an invitation to hackers to exploit your site.
  4. Daily we will make incremental backups and weekly complete backups. We take these backups for all clients and keep a full month’s worth of backups. WordPress management clients’ backups are held both locally (1 month’s worth) and additionally off-site remote copies are held at Amazon Web Services (1 year’s worth) to better insure against loss of data in the event of catastrophic failures & to facilitate post-hacking website restoration. Why a year of backups? If your website is hacked and you don’t notice immediately, your backups begin to become corrupted by the hack and essentially worthless. Keeping a year’s worth of backups allows us to restore a working copy of your site up to 1 year from the initial hack!
  5. Provide Malware (Malicious Software) monitoring + cleanup service as needed. We will make our best effort to remove Malware and restore your site to reduce the need to rebuild from scratch.
    We will provide up to 5 hours of labor per occurrence. In the event further labor would be required, we will provide it at 1/2 of our current hourly rate for any additional service needed to restore your website.
  6. With your Monthly WordPress maintenance program, you will receive developer support for site tweaks, modifications, and more at $115/hour or less if you subscribe to our monthly service plan.

Purchase our WordPress Maintenance & Management program, including 1 round of edits not exceeding 1 hour each month, including all of the features listed above, for less than the cost of 1-hour on-demand labor – only $95/month.

This program includes discounted additional labor at $70/hour.

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Or skip the monthly edits and labor discount and purchase the WordPress Maintenance Program for $44.95/month using the link below.

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