How can you help to get links to your website!

icon_direction Link popularity is the primary “off page” ranking factor used by search engines. Links provide an independent (third party) indication to the search engines, what your website is about. The total quantity of links (along with other measures) indicates the relevant quality of your website, compared to competitors. Based on the competition level for specific key phrases we can estimate the number of links needed to compete.

The clickable  portion of a link is known as the link anchor. The anchor text of each link can (and should) be relevant for a target key phrase in your search engine optimization effort.  The labor involved to increase link popularity to a competitive level is determined by the number of key phrases and level of competition (in search) for each phrase.

We research, find, evaluate and contact quality link partner webmasters with the objective of adding new links.

This service is offered on an “as needed basis”. In the event your site requires a link building campaign to reach the desired goals, an estimate of the cost of monthly  link campaign will accompany the “website and target market review”.

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