Search Engine Optimization  Packages

The level of SEO service is unique to every target market and client website. As an example a website that has a long and trusted history with Google will have advantages over a brand new to Google website on a freshly registered domain name. We prefer to consult with each client when selecting  a level of SEO service and for competitive markets we recommend performing our SEO Audit/Target Market Analysis  prior to deciding which level of service will be needed to be compete in your market.

You can expect to see your website rankings improving during the first 3 months of SEO service and continue improving throughout the first year of service. Top rankings for competitive phrases may not be reached until a year and beyond. We offer SEO service without a contract and without a commitment to the term of service. If you don’t have the patience to see your SEO campaign through to top rankings and believe there may be a risk that you may pull the plug before the first year is up – it’s best not to start as you will be wasting your money.

Your websites written content is a big part of gaining reach in Googles search results. These programs do not include copy writing service. Copy can either be supplied by the client or by one of our copywriters. Please ask if you need pricing for monthly copy writing service.

The internet is dynamic. Your competitors websites are not static, they are improving their websites and improving their rankings and search phrase reach as the months go by. So must you if you want to compete and conquer your target market.

* For highly competitive markets this is the minimum monthly rate.  Our SEO Audit is required before  we can price national or highly competitive market SEO programs.