Build  Your Brand

Woman searching with binoculars for your website on Google!Since our start potential clients have contacted us asking how they can get to the top of the search engines, how do they reach the pinnacle of search and become first in the long list of websites competing for the search phrases they covet. Through the years the simple answer to that question hasn’t changed. Just like off line marketing activities, online activities should be aimed squarely at building your brand!

Starting with the choice of domain names, many want the ideal keyword stuffed domain name that will propel them to the top. We’ve always advised that a domain name should be chosen based on brand considerations only. Do you think that BMW has ever considered the domain name, that Nike has ever considered

As an internet marketing company we own a few domains that contain keywords, but those domains are not our core business. They are just examples of our work or domains leftover from clients no longer in business. Look at our primary domain names. Like them or not they were chosen for branding purposes alone. has nothing to do with our core business, yet it contains our founders’ surname., it’s nice and short and projects the vision that we see of the entire internet… that online the world is all under one sky and businesses can  easily do business across borders via the internet.

SEO scheme upon SEO scheme have been launched and been sold to unsuspecting clients who have no idea about the basics of the internet, let alone the rules of the road for topping Google, Bing and in years past the plethora of failed search engines including Yahoo.  The reality has always been the same; schemes are short term solutions to a long term problem. Most business owners plan to be in business for years, yet they want instant success with a low investment of their labor and dollars. In the long term it’s just not possible. To rank highly over  the long haul you have to have a quality website, rich with quality content with some quality inks pointing to it, just that simple! However neither comes without a significant investment in time. We’ve been producing successful websites for clients taking the long view since 2002; have a look at our testimonial page. We would love to help you as well so please call us at 1-717-569-2484 or fill out the form at this link and we’ll contact you.

For many years Google has published their quality guidelines. They’re written in English and easily understood even by a novice. They’ve been revised and relocated through the years but the music has never changed, build your site for visitors not the search engines, make it the best it can be and the search rankings will take care of themselves.  After 10 years of building websites and watching how they rank with SEO and without SEO, with high quality content and without, with high count junk link profiles and without, we know what works and what fails. The truth has never changed, the best site wins in the end.