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WordPress web design icon A Content Management System is software integrated in to a website that facilitates authoring, editing and managing the content of web pages without the need to know anything about web programming. Web Content Management Systems are also a platform for collaborative website administration in companies or organizations where it may be desirable to have more than a single website administrator.

Websites that need frequent daily or weekly updates may benefit from the integration of an online content management system into their website. With an online content management system anyone (with the proper login credentials) can log in from any internet connected PC to the admin area. In the CMS admin area they have access to author, add, remove and generally edit all aspects of the web page content.

WordPressMore powerful content management systems facilitate manipulation of the links in the websites navigation and sub navigation menus. Some edit footer copy and side bar columns as well.

Content management systems are not magic bullets. Receiving your login credentials does not in any way instantly make you a webmaster. However we like to think that anyone who is an experienced user in programs like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word will adapt quickly and be able to manage even very large websites.

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Which Content Management System Should I Choose?

Content management system controls Any webmaster worth their salt will be able to offer you a Content Management System (CMS). But be careful, since the early days of content management systems, webmasters have used the CMS to get their hooks into unknowing new clients. Here’s the hook, webmasters may use what they call a “proprietary content management system”. Yep, they own it. Worse yet they are probably the only ones able to support their proprietary CMS. You’re essentially tied to your website from now, until eternity. Well, at least until you’re ready to dump your current site and purchase a new one from another webmaster. Their proprietary content management system will only work on their servers. No other webmaster will be able to aid, help redesign or otherwise support their Proprietary CMS. Yes you will be locked in!

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What Content Management Systems Are Commonly Used?

Open Source CMS are widely used and feeely available. Open Source CMS include big names like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. WordPress alone has been used on almost 50 million websites as a Content Management System and or Blog (weB LOG) administration system!

CMS what you should know. Don’t get fooled into a proprietary CMS

You may find webmasters who claim to not know anything about these open source CMS systems. Who may not be willing to work with them. Run, don’t walk to the next potential webmaster. We’ve worked with Open Source source software since our start in 2002 and WordPress since 2004.

The biggest advantage of using and Open Source CMS is the wide support available. Not only will your web designer be able to offer you support, you can get support from thousands of others who can support your site. Not happy with your present hosting? No problem your Open Source CMS can easily be moved to a different host.

Do not fall for the old proprietary CMS trick. Choose an Open Source CMS!

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