Copywriting  For Websites

copywriting for websites icon Like many other professionals, you’d probably prefer to go to the dentist and have a tooth pulled rather than conjure up 450 words per page for your website. Copywriting is a critical component of any marketing effort, and it’s especially essential for websites. In fact, copywriting for websites is doubly important.

First and foremost, the written words on web pages affect the visitors who read them. Quality copywriting greatly influences how successful your web pages will be in converting internet window shoppers into paying clients of your business.

Copywriting for websites Second, despite speculation otherwise, the written words contained on your web page are the only portion of the page that the search engines completely understand. The crafting of your web page text tells the search engines what your business is all about. For search engines to rank your website for a given search phrase, the keywords in that phrase must be contained on the pages of your site. And when you have back links pointing to your website, the words on your page need to indicate to the search engines that your website is relevant to what the links’ anchor text implies.

Because the written content of your web pages is so necessary to successful ranking of your site by search engines like Google, you’ll often hear SEO professionals chanting, “Content is King!”  Since Google’s Panda updates in early 2011 which give priority to website quality and that penalize duplicate content, fresh, well-constructed content is not only king – it’s EVERYTHING!

That’s why we offer professional website copywriting to our clients who want their content to be the very best – and as SEO effective – as it can be. Our skilled copywriters will create original, compelling content, or we can fine-tune content that you provide to make sure it’s up to par.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone!  So, if you’ve been thinking of scheduling that tooth extraction, why not instead contact us for a painless way to fulfill your website copywriting, editing and proofreading needs?