What Is A Google My Business (GMB) Listing & Why Your Company Needs One

Google’s Local Search makes having an optimized Google My Business (GMB) Listing critical to the success of any company doing business in a locally targeted marketplace.

Creating a Google My Business account gets your company listed on Google maps.

Once you have a listing on Google Maps, Google will return your company listing when customers do searches relevant to your products and services.

A Google My Business listing tells prospective clients:

  1. WHAT your products and services are with photos and stories.
  2. WHERE your business is located, your street address.
  3. WHEN you’re available, your hours of business.
  4. HOW to contact you, your phone number, and email address.
  5. What people have to say about your business, your reviews.
  6. Where can they learn more about you on the internet – your website link.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

One Sky Media can improve your GMB and Local Search rankings by:

  1. Coaching you on how to gain more and better reviews.
  2. Optimizing your posts, you make to your GMB listing to maximize their relevance to your target market using relevant keywords and search phrases.
  3. Making sure you are listed in the best categories.
  4. Make sure you are correctly targeting your local market.

Have us set up your GMB Listing today!

Local SEO can get your website, your companies business listing including your phone number to display in the top local results. Top local SEO results are achieved by:

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