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Google AdwordsWe will work with you to establish a list of initial phrases of interest. We will perform keyword research based on this initial list to collect all similar phrases that have the potential to bring the highest quality visitors to your website. We will set up your AdWords account using specific ads for each related group of key phrases including a list of negative keywords to prevent unwanted traffic from visitors that do not have proper intent. For example “how to” maybe a negative keyword for your account to eliminate those do it your-self-ers that have no intent to purchase services or products.

Monthly we will monitor your account and make adjustments to the account including ads, bid amounts and landing pages.

Estimated One Time Setup Fee
Monthly minimum management fee
Monthly Maximum ad spend
at your discretion

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Search engine click fees are billed directly to your credit card by the search engines, up to the monthly budget you specify. The setup fee does not include the cost to build new landing pages.