How long  does it take to design a Website

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I can’t tell you why most web designers make you wait a few months or more to provide delivery of your website. Fact of the matter is most website design projects require 30-40 hours. If the website designer you’ve chosen is making you wait what seems like an eternity, it probably means they’re under staffed, poorly managed or both!

Frankly we’ve heard it all from “I ordered my website three months ago and it’s still not finished” to “my new website is live but there are many mistakes and I can’t get a response form my web designer to get the project finished”.

If you’re experiencing delays in delivery for your web design project, or can’t get the response you need from your web development company regarding updates or changes, give us a call at 1 (717) 569-2484. We’ll not only sympathize with your dilemma, we’ll solve your problem. We often take on projects with a rush delivery and make repairs or perform maintenance on other designers past projects. If your dissatisfied with your current web designer for any reason, give us a shot, you’ll be glad you did.

website-design-clockHere is an estimate of the typical time required to build a custom website:

8 hours to create detailed artwork for home page mockup
1 – 8 hours – refine mockup to meet customer feedback
2 hours – to create artwork for internal page of website design mockup
2 hours – to create artwork for contact page of website design mockup
1 – 3 hours – refine artwork for internal page and contact page of website design
16 hours – code and cross browser test home page, 1st internal page and contact page of web design
1 hour – build additional internal web pages containing only text and a few images.
2 – 4 hours – build internal web pages that include Lightbox image gallery
Total 31 – 44 hours – to build the first five pages of a custom website design. Just add 2-4 hours for each additional page you need.

Ok, so there may be some additional time and perhaps some delays added corresponding by email and reviewing and providing feedback on each mockup but mostly this is with your own control. So let’s agree that the real working time needed to complete your website should be in the two to four week range. If your website designer is making you wait longer you should consider a company than give your website design project the attention it deserves! Call us at 1 (717) 569-2484 you’ll be glad you did.

Need your website completed more quickly? Just let us know your project deadline, we can have multiple designers and coders assigned to your project to complete in the shortest time possible.