Support  Firewall

Your hosting account is protected by a firewall. The purpose of the firewall is to block hackers from hacking in and compromising your website and email accounts. Hackers use automated systems to try and retry combinations of passwords in an effort to gain control of your email and corrupt your website files with malware. If successful they can change your website and prevent your website delivering the message you intend. They can send SPAM email directly from your email accounts.

If your ISP uses a dynamic IP dress for your home or business internet account (as many do) you may need to update your IP address on the white list of IPs stored in the firewall.

The firewall is for the protection of all our clients data. If anyone tries to login multiple times unsuccessfully the firewall will automatically block the users IP address. If this occurs to you you will not be able to login to your email, or see your website in a web browser. Your website will remain visible to all other INTERNET users, just not from your IP after being blocked.

If your IP becomes blocked use this link to collect your local IP address. Collect the number reported and email it to us and we will add it to the firewalls white-list.

This may seem like an inconvenience, please remember the firewall is protecting your valuable data.