HookEmUp Towing Website Design

Project Description

A new client in September. 2020 HookEm Up Towing arrived with a desire to have a professional presentation on the internet, a website that would compete on Google for search engine referrals for the phrases important to capture towing jobs. We built them a beautiful site, added their specific services, and designed a simple and clean logo.

Stop back and see how they are performing on Google!

Project Details

  • DateSept 2020
  • ClientHookEmUp Towing
  • TechnologyWordpress
  • Live Websitewww.hookthemuptow.comVisit Website

Partner Review

HookEmUp Towing

John Oppenheimer thank you for everything you have done for me and Amanda we greatly appreciate your time and help and your years of expertise in building and designing websites we were struggling to keep up online and knew we were lacking a professional website and so we reached out to a couple other companies. "Main Street hosting" was one of the companies we first reached out to they quoted us around 1,500.00 to login to our Wix platform and optimize it and manage everything on the Wix platform for 6 months or 3,800 to move us over to WordPress and turn the keys over to us but after we looked into google reviews and just reviews in general online OMG there reviews were horrible and not just a couple of reviews but the majority of the reviews were awful so back to square one so then I typed in on google "who builds the best towing websites" bammm here we go One Sky Media started reading all of the reviews on Google all seem sincere & legitimate so i looked around at some of the other websites John Oppenheimer had built and man they were super impressive so we ended up contacting One Sky Media and having John to help us get everything straightened out and our new fabulous website setup and going. Thank you John Oppenheimer so much for helping us I’m quite sure will be with you guys for many of years to come.