Why We Host  the Websites We Build

In Sports – The Home Team Has The Advantage – The same applies to Webmasters and Hosting.

  1. When we host your website, one call or one email from you can have your problem resolved. You don’t have to worry about us responding, “your website is fine; please get in touch with your host.” We are your host. We can take care of everything without you being stuck between a third-party host and us.
  2. Your issues are expedited to solutions. No delays waiting on third-party hosts to get involved or respond. Our team works together every day. We communicate well and can expedite solutions to most problems.
  3. Most external hosting services have automated phone answering systems that place you in a queue waiting for a technician to answer. This dead “waiting time” ties up our developers’ time and is billable labor.
  4. No extra charge for backups. We make daily, weekly and monthly backups. We also keep an entire year’s monthly backups off-site at Amazon Web Services. Why a year’s worth? When a website is compromised, it may not be immediately detected. Months can pass before the hack is realized. With a year of backups, we can go back in time to clean your site. This saves hours of repairs, if not the cost of rebuilding from scratch. No need to worry about a fire burning the data center to the ground either!
  5. You save $$$ on labor for services. When working on foreign servers, we encounter issues in the external environment we’re unfamiliar with, consuming billable time to resolve matters that, if on our own server, would not occur. When issues arise with foreign hosting, our developer is tied up working with your host causing unnecessary labor. With our hosting, our developer conveys the issue, and the server tech works alone. And you don’t pay for the labor of the server tech either; that’s covered by your hosting plan.

Our hosting starts at $49.95/month. We have a policy that no client pays more than $280 per month for hosting, no matter the storage or data transfer requirement. If your needs exceed the capacity, we can deliver at this cost we will discuss a dedicated server solution to support you.