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Once every webmaster’s partner in driving visitors to our websites, Google is now our Top Competitor. Recent reports from jump shot data reveal that  56.1 percent of all mobile searches on Google result in no click-throughs and end on Google. And, 34.9% of desktop searches ended on Google with no external website visits.

What this means is that your internet marketing strategy has to evolve with this in mind. Consider Google as the primary competitor for your search traffic. In September 7.5% of all searches on Google resulted in a visit to one of Googles’ own Alphabet web properties. That is a HUGE percentage! No other website or web company even comes close.

You need to develop a strategy for garnering business either through these no-click search results. You can become the best answer to searchers’ questions and have your self serving response returned on Google SERP answer boxes. Alternatively, you can find other search phrases that do not produce answer boxes but do have the potential to deliver the searchers directly to your website. Have you considered making your brand name synonymous with your product or service? People searching for you, by your own name, almost guarantees website traffic? This and other strategies can be employed to increase your traffic and grow your business.

We can help develop and execute a strategy to help grow your business. Give us a call let’s get to know one another 717-569-2484.

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