Posted on 9th March 2020 by in Smart Phones...., Website Design

This seems to be a question that even the great Google can’t answer! However, they do say that 63% of all paid search clicks & 56% of all traffic came through mobile devices in 2018.

Since 2010 we’ve built nothing but mobile-ready websites and since 2012 exclusively mobile responsive sites. It still amazes me how many small businesses insist on holding on to their outdated websites that do not present them well on phones, let alone PADs.

Did you now that more than 50% of visitors will not return, will not recommend and will not buy from a website that renders poorly on their device?

For some, it’s difficult to grasp what mobile rendering means. We’ve added simple images that display how each website appears on mobile phones to all of our portfolio pages. We’ve also added buttons to “Take A Mobile Test Drive!” Clicking the “Test Drive” button takes you to to view the actual live website and see how it displays on the most popular mobile phones and PADs. Try these features on Access Insurances Companies portfolio page here.

Are you aware that in the first quarter of 2017 website visits by mobile devices first topped 50% and have hovered in that range ever since, according to If your website does not work well on phones you are losing business, simple as that!

Let’s prepare your business website to capture the mobile world of clients. Contact us today!

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