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RC Towing Came to us in 2013 with their first WordPress website already built. In search of a provider for Search Engine Optimization, they chose our Local Starter SEO Package.

A funny related story – after about a year of working for this client a competitor of theirs contacted us about our SEO services after seeing how well RC’s site was performing. Some time passed and they never placed an order for services for their own site. Within another year’s time, they had purchased RC Towing including their website. Today they use the website for the combined businesses, Patriot St. Dennis – Rc Towing.

This website has over 250 first page rankings for phrases relevant to their towing services related to the towns & cities surrounding their primary target market, Lancaster, PA.

Their website is returned in search results by Google for more than 1,000 unique and relevant phrases. A testament to the organic strength and broad reach of the website.

Local SEO Case Study - Rankings

In the business of towing it’s critical to be returned in Google Map results! Map results are often shown above the organic search results. You can see in the graphic below taken from this websites’ Google Search Console account that this particular website has a tremendous amount of impressions when compared to the number of Clicks (website visits). The website generated a total of 1,210 clicks/visits – referred by Google – in the most recent 12 month period (note: this is not the total website traffic, only be returned referrals from Google) while in the same period it generated 137,000 impressions. These impressions generated a countless number of phone calls from the clients Google maps listing whose rankings are included in our local SEO service.

Local SEO Case Study Impressions