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Wave One Sports came to us in 2005 as a small business cold calling schools and sports teams. Physically visiting schools, gyms & sports fields to meet with coaches and team organizers in order to sell their assortment of custom team sports uniforms. Arriving with a website already online, we were initially contracted to provide only our SEO services. Within a year’s time and after proving the capabilities of  SEO – inbound marketing – the client ordered a new One Sky Media designed, built and optimized lead conversion machine of a website. Within a few short years, they stoped their cold calling and visiting altogether, fully booking their production capacity through inbound calls and orders generated by their website.

In addition to a content building program this client uses our Market Pro SEO Campaign.

Today they have over 350 first page rankings for phrases relevant to their products in non geocentric/national searches.

Their website is returned in search results by Google for more than 1,000 unique and relevant phrases. A testament to the organic strength and broad reach of the website we delivered.

National SEO Case Study Rankings

The graphic below, taken from the websites Google Analytics Account shows Organic Search as the highest referring source of Users (website visitors) to the site. Organic (FREE) search engine referrals send more visitors – more than 2 & 1/2 time more – than its closest competitor direct (direct visitors already know about the clients’ business/site and type in the clients’ domain name into their browser and therefore arrive “directly” to the website).

FACT: Organic search engine referrals deliver more NEW visitors to this clients’ website than all other sources combined, delivering 70.63% of all traffic!

National Search Engine Optimization Case Study Traffic

You can see in the graphic below taken from this websites’ Google Search Console account, the recovery (still in progress), after we launched a new version of their website in May of 2019. The new website was designed to correct a few poor choices made during the last rebuild cycle. These choices influenced by the clients’ sales team desires proved in the real world to have negatively impacted the site’s search referral performance. This client’s website generated a total of 13,500 clicks/visits – referred by Google – in the most recent 12 month period (note: this is not the total website traffic, only referrals from Google).

National SEO Case Study Visitors

The graphic below was taken from this websites’ Google Search Console account clearly displays the superior referral volume of website visitors delivered from Organic Search results over Social media. 43 times more visitors delivered form Search Engine results than all Social Media channels combined. Not only does search deliver massively more prospective clients, but visitors arriving from search are also known to be arriving with intent based on the phrases they used to find your website, unlike social visitors that may just be clicking a compelling ad or story during their daily perusal of their favorite social media channels.

National Search Engine Optimization Case Study Traffic Acquisition Year