Website Design  Process

Our Design Process

Step One – define style and functionality – prepare an estimate
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  1. Show us some examples of the style of website you want. You can select from our portfolio or from any website on the internet. We’ll use these examples as inspiration to make your design.
  2. Tells us about what functionality your website should include. Contact forms. e Commerce. Blog… Content Management System (CMS)
  3. We provide you with a cost estimate to build the style and layout of website you’ve specified, including specific functionality requirements.

Step Two – building the site

  1. Once you approve our estimate and make a down payment, we begin the design phase.
  2. We start the by collecting all of the specific details from you we’ll need to design and build out your new website.
  3. We prepare a mockup of the home page including your logo, navigation and relevant images and text for your review.
  4. You review and comment on the mockup. We go back and forth making changes until you are satisfied with the final home page designed to your original specification.
  5. We build the site including all pages, navigational links and a site map.
  6. We install all text supplied by you and install any page specific images you may choose.
  7. We test all links and forms on the website to insure correct functionality.
  8. You test the site for functionality and provide us feedback regarding any changes or corrections needed.
  9. We make the website live on the internet.

Step Three – search engine optimization to improve rankings for relevant search phrases

  1. We discuss and define the 1st tier search phrases which are important for your target market, 2nd tier and third tier. You prioritize the terms for us. We can assist in preparing a base list and gauging the traffic that each search phrase may potentially generate.
  2. We perform on page search engine optimization to each and every page of the website to focus each page on a relevant search phrase.
  3. We create an account for your website on Google’s Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
  4. We submit your website to relevant internet directories.
  5. We submit your website to other relevant websites for potential link exchanges.
  6. We monitor Google Analytics reports and Google webmaster tools reports each month and adjust our link building campaign as results are achieved for each of the pre defined search phrases.

The preceding is intended to be an example of the services we may provide and the steps that may be required to design and develop your website project. In some cases not all steps may be required and in others additional steps may be needed.