C2 Competition Converters Inc.

Project Description

2022 was the year to update the original C2 Converters website to include the machine shop owner Lee Ream had purchased in 2020. The new website features photos taken by retired NASCAR photographer Paul Melhado. It also displays many of the brands that they use and offer for sale. Working closely with Chase Ream who provided the details we needed to create the site, the website came out beautifully.

Built on WordPress the website is ready to accept E-commerce in the future should they choose to sell online.

Project Details

  • DateDec 2021
  • ClientC2 Competition Converters Inc.
  • TechnologyWordpress
  • Live Websitewww.c2competition.comVisit Website

Partner Review

C2 Competition Converters & Machine

John & his team were very professional, particular, and really wanted our website to turn out the best it could be, I highly recommend if you are looking for a new website or Reconditioning an existing one.