Posted on 3rd April 2014 by in Website Design

3 – Optimize the Conversion Capability of Your Website
You’ve launched your beautiful website; had it optimized by a professional. And now, you check your website traffic reports frequently, and as desired, your visitors are arriving daily from Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. A receptionist is ready near your entrance way and the phones are manned. You check your email regularly and… nothing is happening! All this work and it looks like you’ve drilled a dry well.

Perhaps not: Maybe you haven’t optimized your websites ability to convert visitors into, sales, and contacts or…? Conversion optimization is accomplished using website traffic analysis, conversion tracking and multivariate A/B split testing to determine the best conversion methods for your specific visitors and market. Tests can be run for a multitude of variables from the color of a web page to free offers to determine what set of variables works best for your prospective clients, with the objective of maximizing a website’s conversion of more visitors into contacts and actual clients.

Our second client’s original web designer didn’t know the three steps!

I’ll never forget our second client, a realtor with a beautiful website. He had heard about the success we had provided for our first client and asked if we could have a look at his site and tell him what he might do to improve its conversion capability. You see he had his website already for a year and a half and not yet received one lead. His website was beautiful! Nice pictures, great color scheme, flash animation all over the place. The problem is his designer never gave any consideration to the search engines when building the website with flash. Furthermore they never thought through all of the potential methods the website might use to convert visitors into leads. It was really tough telling the client that while his website was beautiful, it would never produce the results he desired. We eventually built a new search engine friendly website for the client and within two months of going live, the new website generated over 50 leads. Needless to say, this client was really pleased with our work.

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