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Do you use a smartphone? So do your prospective clients! Today’s mobile phone users aren’t just making phone calls they’re searching the internet. With this in mind it appears that Google is adding  “mobile readiness” to the already lengthy list of  signals it evaluates to determine how to rank websites.

If your website isn’t already built to work across the myriad of mobile devices it’s not too late. Your website can be converted to a responsive mobile website that auto detects the viewing port size (screen size) of all your visitors and automatically configure itself for an optimal viewing experience. Better visitor experience equates to higher conversion rate of your site.

Not sure how well your site works on mobile devices? Visit this site Responsinator to see how your site works on phones and PADS, you may be surprised. Give us a call if you find your website doesn’t meet the new mobile responsive website design standards and we’ll help you understand the options available to make it mobile ready 717-569-2484.

Learn more at Site Pro News: It Looks Like Google Is Adding Another Ranking Signal


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