Posted on 27th April 2013 by in Search Engine Optimization

I’ve been providing SEO services to our clients for over 18 years. The number of solicitations for SEO we receive on a weekly basis still amazed me: solicitations by telephone, solicitations by email, and even more solicitations by regular postal mail.  We end most of the telephone calls as soon as we understand the nature of the call: the emails are quickly deleted, and the mail goes directly into the circular file.

In the beginning, this seemed strange. I personally owned around 30 websites for testing purposes.  I could be contacted about any one of them with the pitch that could help me get more website traffic, that they would help me reach the top of Google’s search results pages. Month after month, year after year, these solicitations keep coming. They’ve become annoying. They often run in waves and at times the pitch is related to the latest Google algorithm update, and how to overcome it.

Now we’re a firm experienced with providing SEO services, we know that these offers are scams. What if we were a widget company with a website and knew nothing about SEO? Perhaps these scam pitches would work! Perhaps they’ve already worked.-On you? It just sounds too good to pass up, so you don’t. Months later you realize you’d probably have done just as well to flush your money down the toilet.

I can no longer contain myself. I’ve had to write this series of blog posts. This is a warning to those who are experts in their own field but know little about the web, search engines and how to rise near the top of them. If this series saves one client from being scammed, then I consider it a success. I believe it will save many.

Good luck. Look at these unsolicited offers you receive with a healthy dose of skepticism. Follow this series to the end, and you’ll also be well prepared for an educated discussion with actual SEO specialists who may be able to offer your website real results and be able to sort out those that may not.

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