Posted on 15th July 2018 by in Uncategorized

While the internet is only about 13 years old, website design, coding and styles have changed dramatically even in the last 5 years. As an example, if you already have a site, your current site maybe coded using tables; we have not built table based websites since 2005. The modern way to code web pages is to use what are known as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for positioning. CSS built websites are not encumbered by all of the needless code required to layout a page with tables. CSS further reduces web page files size by removing all of the positioning code and style coding, and relocating them to a separate file. What remains is just the content in the web page file itself. Reducing the code to content percentage, improves how your website is perceived by the search engines and improves rankings. It also reduces the file size for each page, making them load more quickly. Light fast loading pages also rank higher.

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