Posted on 15th May 2014 by in Search Engine Optimization

Part of any really successful website is the written content contained within its pages: specifically content relevant to the target subject(s). It is for these subjects that the website promises to provide answers.

After Google has counted links, the second most important factor for any website has been quality: unique, relevant copy.  Since the earliest days of search engines the rule has always been”Content is King”!

Google has had no choice but to reduce the overall importance of links as black hat SEO specialists have attempted ever more creative ways to game their algorithm with improperly acquired links.

Nothing more has changed than the weighting. Today Google has been forced to look even closer at the quality of written content . There is an effort to sift out and discard duplicate copies of the same content used over and over again on SPAM site upon SPAM site. Content has always been hyper- important and today the king’s crown needs to be polished to an ultra shine. Why all the hype about Content Marketing?  Well, some SEO specialists, having run  every other angle in the “It’s easier to cheat than follow the rules’ guide book to get rankings on Google”, have no other choice but to finally sell the only thing that truly works : great, unique content on a properly optimized website!

Today we see some SEO specialists  repackaging this old rule of SEO “Content Is King” as a new marketing ploy, simply relabeled as “Content Marketing”.

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