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Navigating all of the options offered by the plethora of providers waiting to meet your every internet marketing need often seems like a minefield. Take one wrong step and you may be saddled with a web platform that not only does not provide the simplicity you desire and features you need, worse you can’t find anyone to help you.

Many providers will offer you their latest and greatest, best in class proprietary system that not only supports your website but makes your morning coffee and butters your toast.  Once you’ve signed up with them, you find the cream used in your coffee is sour, they have no strawberry jam and worse some important feature you need for your website is not supported by their home brew system. Now you realize you’ve locked yourself into a system you can’t escape. Their proprietary system (supporting your website) is not transportable to another provider. No other webmaster knows a thing about their system and you can’t find anyone who can help you resolve your issues. What are you to do? You have no choice, you’ll have to abandon your website and investment to move to an open source solution supported worldwide!

Tied down by the old ball and chain!

Feeling trapped with your current webmaster?

WordPress is such a platform, supporting more than 20% of all websites worldwide. With thousands of plugins (many free of charge) that add-on functionality that expands the capability of your website at comparatively low cost. And perhaps best of all is the widespread support network. Not happy with your current webmaster? Simply move to another. WordPress is completely transportable from one host to another and virtually every webmaster works with WordPress!

Want to discuss the benefits of working with WordPress, contact us. We’ll guide you safely through the minefield!

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